Difference Between Secretary and Front Office Coordinator

Secretary Vs Front Office Coordinator

Secretaries and front office coordinators are usually found in the same business environment or company office. Most individuals think that secretaries and front office coordinators are the same because they all have administrative positions characterized as desk jobs involved in clerical jobs. But there are a lot of differences between these two job titles.

What Does a Secretary Do?

Companies appoint people to carry out functions and make appointments with clients. Secretary duties are important. And they are liable for every task in the business organization.

When you start a company, you won’t be able to keep track of every event and meeting. To avoid any form of discrepancies in the future, they hire new individuals to handle the job on their behalf.

What Does A Front Desk Coordinator Do?

Front office coordinators are usually expected to greet people at the front desk and direct them to various departments based on their needs.

Some of the front office coordinator’s duties include attending to incoming calls and responding to questions, not to mention listening to and addressing complaints.

The Key Differences

Understanding the key difference between these two job descriptions can help to determine whether to hire a front office coordinator or a secretary. Some of the key differences can be noted through the following rundowns:

1- Bookkeeping Amount Required

A big difference between front office coordinators and secretaries is the bookkeeping amount needed by both positions. Majorly, secretaries are responsible for handling expenditures of a business that are turned into accounting departments.

On the other hand, office coordinators help accounting departments with a monthly reconciliation, maintain service contracts/monthly rents, and keep track of office expenditures.

2- Skills

Front office coordinators require great customer service skills in person and by phone. They must be able to speak clearly and move quickly to connect different callers to phone extensions.

Secretaries, on the other hand, should possess great typing skills. They also need to know how to use videoconferencing systems, photocopies, and fax machines in addition to office telephone systems.

3- Primary Purpose

The purpose of secretaries is to coordinate different company schedules, appointments, data, and operations. They often work more at the back of the office, not in the front.

However, front office coordinators are the main point of contact between customers and business organizations. They sit at the desk near the office entrance to ensure they are the first individuals to interact with clients.

4- Job Responsibility

Part of a front desk coordinator’s duty is greeting company visitors. A front desk coordinator usually represents the whole business organization, and they don’t specifically work under anyone.

But secretaries are not responsible for greeting the company’s visitors. Secretaries specifically work for one or two managers. They can also have additional duties, like ordering supplies, handling petty cash, making travel arrangements, and scheduling appointments.


Both front office coordinators and secretaries are important for companies. Their duties are more important as they serve as the company’s bridge. Plus, because they have a good outlook and are in great demand, they need more skills than normal people.


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