The Essential Skills of an Executive Housekeeper

Executive Housekeeper Skills
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An executive housekeeper is a highly specialized role that requires a unique set of skills. This is because the executive housekeeper’s job involves managing the daily operations of a large household, as well as overseeing staff and providing services to guests.

Needless to say, it takes more than just cleaning skills to be successful in this position! Here is what you need to know about the essential skills of an executive housekeeper.

What skills does an executive housekeeper need?

Executive housekeepers are essential to any hospitality facility, as they possess various skills to ensure that all areas of the facility are kept clean, and visitors feel welcome. Executive housekeepers are responsible for managing a team of housekeeping personnel, ensuring the quality and efficiency of their work, managing supplies and resources within their department, and providing direction to their staff.

In addition to excellent organizational and leadership skills, executive housekeepers must also be knowledgeable about health regulations, proficient in record-keeping, have good communication and computer skills, and should understand guest service expectations.

Organizational and Leadership Skills

An executive housekeeper needs strong organizational and leadership skills to manage a large household’s day-to-day operations.

They must prioritize tasks, delegate responsibilities, and ensure that all staff members work together efficiently and effectively. Additionally, they should have good problem-solving skills to anticipate and resolve any issues that may arise.

Management Skills

Executive housekeepers must also possess excellent management skills to oversee staff members, manage budgets, and handle any customer service issues that may arise.

They should be able to communicate clearly with staff members and guests alike to ensure that everyone’s needs are being met. In addition, they should have good conflict resolution skills to mediate any disputes between staff or between staff and guests.

Cleaning Abilities

Finally, an executive housekeeper should also possess strong cleaning abilities so they can keep the property looking its best at all times. They must be familiar with various cleaning products and techniques to ensure maximum efficiency in general upkeep or deep cleaning tasks such as window washing or carpet cleaning.

Additionally, they should know proper safety procedures when using hazardous materials such as bleach or other harmful chemicals used for cleaning.


In summary, many different skills are required for success in an executive housekeeping role. Organizational and leadership skills are essential for daily operations, while management abilities allow them to oversee staff members and handle customer service issues easily.

Finally, a thorough understanding of proper cleaning techniques is needed to keep the property looking its best. If you have these essential qualities, you may qualify for this highly sought-after role!

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