5 Things Accountants Do for Businesses

5 things accountants do
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A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a professional responsible for providing financial advice, guidance, and assistance to individuals, businesses, and organizations.

A CPA can help businesses save money by efficiently managing their taxes and other financial matters. Here are five things accountants do for businesses.

Tax Planning & Preparation

One of the primary tasks accountants do for businesses is tax planning and preparation. CPAs provide valuable advice on how to manage taxes to reduce the amount of money owed while ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

This includes helping business owners develop strategies to reduce their tax burden while remaining compliant with federal and state regulations.

Bookkeeping & Recordkeeping

Another important task performed by an accountant is bookkeeping and recordkeeping. Accounting professionals handle all aspects of bookkeeping, including keeping track of expenses, invoices, payments, payroll taxes, etc., and preparing financial reports such as income statements and balance sheets. They can also assist with other tasks, such as budgeting and forecasting future expenses.

Financial Analysis & Reporting

Accountants also provide valuable insight into the financial health of a business via financial analysis and reporting. This includes forecasting cash flow requirements, analyzing profitability trends, benchmarking performance against industry standards or competitors’ performance metrics using key performance indicators (KPIs), creating projections for future growth or declines in revenues or profits based on current economic conditions or market trends, etc. This helps businesses have reliable data to make informed decisions about their finances.

Business Consulting & Advisory Services

In addition to providing accounting services, many CPAs also offer business consulting services aimed at helping business owners maximize efficiency while minimizing costs.

This includes advising on areas such as risk management, investments/portfolio management/diversification strategies, cost-cutting measures to reduce overhead expenses/operating costs, legal issues related to taxation or labor relations/employment law matters, etc., to ensure that companies are operating effectively and efficiently while staying competitive in their respective markets or industries.

Audit Services

CPAs can also provide audit services by performing internal audits of a company’s books or records to detect any potential errors or discrepancies in its accounting process, which could lead to inaccurate financial statements being presented to investors or creditors.

They can also conduct external audits, which involve reviewing the accuracy of a company’s financial statements before they are made public so that investors have confidence that the information presented is accurate and reliable before making any investment decisions regarding the company’s stock or bonds.


Accountants play an essential role in helping businesses succeed by providing vital financial advice and auditing services that help ensure accuracy when presenting critical information about a company’s finances.

From tax planning to business consulting services, CPAs offer invaluable expertise in maintaining accurate books, detecting fraud, reducing costs, maximizing efficiency, staying compliant with laws/regulations, etc., allowing businesses of all sizes to achieve greater success in today’s ever-changing market environment. With an experienced accountant on your side, you can rest assured knowing your finances are being expertly managed.

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