The Housekeeper Job Duties and Responsibilities

Many people believe that housekeeping is only for rich people or those with lots of time on their hands. But everyone can benefit from the hard work and dedication required to be a good housekeeper.
There are many opportunities for housekeepers everywhere, from maintaining homes for loved ones who may be confined to nursing homes to cleaning for small business owners who are tight on cash.
Whether you want to start as an independent contractor or prefer to work for an existing company, there are several benefits associated with this challenging yet rewarding career. So what do you need to know if you think you have what it takes to be a housekeeper? Let's look at this career path's essential responsibilities and requirements.

Housekeeping responsibilities

The job of a housekeeper is to:

Additional Responsibilities

Housekeepers handle the cleaning needed to maintain homes and commercial buildings, such as offices, hotels, and hospitals. Here are some additional responsibilities:

Cleaning Rooms

Keeping buildings and common areas clean and maintained.

Cleaning Restrooms

Cleaning and stocking restrooms.

Cleaning up Spills

Cleaning up spills with proper equipment.

Collecting Trash

Collecting and disposing of trash.

Assisting Guests

Assisting guests when it is necessary.

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What do housekeepers generally earn?

The starting salary for a housekeeper is generally between $13 and $15 per hour. However, the median salary for a housekeeper is $11.81 per hour, which is very close to the $12 minimum wage. There are many job opportunities for housekeepers throughout the country, so getting involved in your local community is important. Get to know the area around your house and its surrounding streets. You may find that you enjoy historical areas where you can learn about local place names and events.

The Risks and Challenges of the Job

As with virtually any career path, the rewards are great, but the challenges are significant. The biggest challenge is finding a job in this challenging profession. There are roughly 1.4 million registered housekeepers in the United States, and there are only a minute fraction of these people work as housekeepers. To make a living as a housekeeper, you must be dedicated, dependable, and have good communication and problem-solving skills. If necessary, you will also need to work flexible hours and work in a team or alone.
Another significant challenge that new housekeepers will face is the language barrier. This is by no means a barrier you will face often, but it must be addressed nonetheless. You must become familiar with the area in which you work. This is so that you will be able to point out any flaws or problems that may be present in your assignments.

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