administrative assistant job duties

Administrative Assistant

Without an administrative assistant, even the most competent team can become overworked and unorganized.

From attending phone calls to handling the office schedule, an administrative assistant's value cannot be exaggerated.

Administrative Assistant Job Description

As an administrative assistant, you will manage a range of duties for senior managers, employees, and office visitors to ensure that all interactions between the company and other individuals are productive and effective.

What are administrative duties and responsibilities?

An Administrative Assistant’s primary duties and responsibilities depend on assisting other staff members. As an administrative assistant, you will be responsible for performing the following duties,

● Receiving and managing phone calls and texts and receiving visitors and guests.
● Scheduling conferences, meetings, and interviews
● Organizing and maintaining office calendars
● Collecting and circulating official emails and text messages
● Making memos, faxes, bills, reports, invoices, and other correspondence
● Creating and editing documents ranging from letters to reports to instructional materials
● Keeping and maintaining effective electronic and paper-based filing systems for official documents and invoices
● Assisting and supporting team effort by performing organizational tasks.
● Facilitating the team by handling administrative responsibilities such as sorting, tying, printing, scanning, etc.
● Keeping a detailed record of meeting minutes, discussions, and, other relevant information
● Addressing questions and requests
● Arranging corporate travel plans, such as booking tickets, renting cars, and making hotel and restaurant reservations
● Anticipating others’ needs to maintain a smooth, cooperative, and productive work environment

Additional Responsibilities

Administrative Assistants are responsible for many important tasks to ensure the staff in the office can communicate and work efficiently.

Staff Direction

Handling supplies inventory by inspecting stock to assess inventory level, forecasting supply needs, and arranging and expediting supply orders.

Equipment Maintenance Management

Managing equipment operation by performing preventive maintenance, scheduling repairs, monitoring equipment inventories, and reviewing new equipment and processes.


Maintaining, recording, and managing accounts and financial transactions performed by the company.

Management Support

One of the top duties of the Administrative Assistant is providing support to other managers.

Organizational Duties

Organization and prioritization are the core elements of the Administrative Assistant’s responsibilities.

Hire a Administrative Assistant

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Administrative Assistant Qualifications

To apply for the administrative assistant position, you need to have a two-year High school diploma or general education degree (GED). Employers do not usually require applicants to hold an undergraduate degree. However, a bachelor's degree in law or business administration will set you apart from your peers. Some organizations prefer the candidate to have educational training or office experience over a degree.

Administrative Assistant Skills

In addition to administrative and secretarial knowledge, the PA needs to show evidence in;

Work experience

Employers often require the candidate to have sufficient experience of working in an office setting. This indicates that you should have a sound knowledge of administrative tools and clerical work. It is preferable to have at least two to three years of clerical, secretarial, or office experience. You can easily gain this experience through a job or an internship.

Career prospects

You can easily progress from administrative assistant to a supervisor or office manager if you have the necessary skills and experience. You might also work in other areas such as IT, payroll, or accounting. With additional training, you can specialize in technical, financial, or clinical administration or work as a personal assistant or executive officer.