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Apply to jobs anytime, anywhere, and get notified instantly when employers or companies review your application.

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Our easy-to-use and smart dashboard helps you sort, review, and select your candidates.

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Write job descriptions instantly with one of our 150+ customizable job description templates.

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Post your job to our job network to reach more qualified candidates with simple job postings.

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View and hire quality candidates whose resumes on StaffingHut.com fit your job description immediately after post a job.

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If you need assistance? Call, email, or live chat with a real person who's pleased to help you get the most out of StaffingHut.


Our recruitment mobile-friendly website lets you view & sort jobs and hires job seekers.

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You can choose between our plans based on your needs.



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Hiring through an Agency

You pay a staffing agency to find employees for you.

Premium Customer Support

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